Hello World, my readers, whomever you are and whatever your believes, and interest are, we live in a free world.  I’m going to share with you, my life, my ideas, my know how, and experiences that I’ve gained through trial and error, within the fitness industry.

I’ve been a trainer for several years now, got my various qualifications, which you could refer to on my “Certificates and Qualifications” section, worked in New York, South Africa, Italy and onboard the Costa Pacifica cruise liner, where my skills as trainer and teacher was put to the test, with a various international guest, ranged from Russian, Germany, Italian, French, et…

I taught classes in Yoga, Pilates, Indoor Cycling and Body sculpt Boot camp, and the part of my work onboard which I enjoyed most was the seminars; public speaking, as you very well know, is rather nerve wracking, but then again practice makes perfect, no one was born perfect(well to a certain extend, yes! but you know what I mean) holding seminars onboard, regarding health based issues which ranged from “Detox for health and weight loss, how to improve your metabolism, How to get a flatter stomach, and eventually, How to improve posture”. During my personal training sessions onboard, I came across a lot people with problems that ranged from bad Posture, to just not having the time to exercise, and to people that were just happy being the way they are, when they evidently have a problem but due to laziness they just can’t get their act together and their reason for being overweight. Which unfortunately leads to many health problems, like type 2 Diabetes, over reacting thyroid glands, High Blood pressure, high Cholesterol, etc.


The approach that I have with my clients is first and foremost, DETOX, DETOX, DETOX, which is for me the building blocks to having a well-functioned body, and then the rest will automatically follow. I put emphasis on strength and conditioning training, which at the same time allows my clients to adapt to a routine which is sometimes hard otherwise specially if you aren’t use to training, but it all goes hand in hand with being aware, what you put you’re your mouth, meaning it’s 70% Nutrition and 30% exercise.

Upon my return I collaborated with a health club here in Milan called Audace Health Club, after two years decided to except a position as Fitness manager in Doha (Qatar) with Anytime Fitness, where I stayed for two years, but then decided to return to Italy, since then 2 years has gone by, and mainly concentrated on working with private clients via In-home training, and continued my fashion/acting career on the side. So, check back on updates, photos together with my future clients, and their remarks and improvements. Thanks for reading this…

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