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Various Training programs that I offer:

You want Muscles?

A healthier version of you, but with more flesh around the bones… My experience in fitness training includes focusing on Muscle Building, Toning, Strength and Conditioning training or just staying healthy. This unique program that I developed will help burn calories, increase your metabolism and improve your overall health. A combination of strategic exercises and a healthy diet will get you in tip top shape in no time. Tired of being in the office all day? The best way to start your day, if you can, is with an outdoor group exercise like “Bootcamp”, nice and early in the morning and it is scientifically proven that the morning is the best time to exercise. Do your body a favor and make your most important muscle, the heart, pump more blood. Health and fitness should reflect both the external and internal appearance of the body. Your heart is the most important muscle in your body and my workouts will increase your heart rate. Your body will thank you for this!

Ashtanga Yoga Strength & Stamina

As the name suggests, ashtanga yoga derives from Vinyasa, a style of yoga based on the coordination of breath and movement as a link between the positions. The asanas are performed in a flow, the positions are connected to each other by transitional movements (vinyasa) and coordinated with the breath, which is of great importance. Breathing is nasal, noisy, vigorous and marks the movement, which always takes place in correspondence with an exhalation or inspiration.

Mat Pilates

Feel good, and look good The Pilates method is a highly appreciated set of training techniques. These are exercises for the development and improvement of the body, developed during the 1900s by Joseph Hubertus Pilates, a German of Greek origins born in Monchengladbach, a town near Düsseldorf. Pilates Matwork is a specific exercise program that is performed on the mat, with your own bodyweight. It acts on the postural muscles, with the aim of promoting greater body balance and increasing the support of the muscles in the spine.


Tonicity & Agility & Flexibility The TRX Suspension Trainer is the best and most original training system that uses gravity and body weight to perform hundreds of exercises. You decide how much you want to train with each exercise, as you can simply adapt your body position to increase or decrease resistance. The TRX Suspension Trainer: – It Offers a complete, rapid and effective training for the whole body – Helps you get a central part of the body solid as a rock – Increases muscle endurance – It is suitable for people of all fitness levels (from professional athletes to the elderly) – Can be mounted anywhere (in the gym, at home, in hotels and outdoors)

Aerial Yoga

Relaxation and re-alignment. It is a demanding but a fun activity, which makes yoga practice easier, thanks to the use of the gravitational hammock that allows you to perform the classic suspension positions. Considerable results can be achieved by reducing the strain on the joints and spine. The goal is the psychophysical well-being that is obtained with the postures and movements typical of acrobats.

Swedish massage

Because you deserve it Swedish massage is a classic western massage, in Europe it is the traditional standard massage, so called especially in English-speaking countries. Elsewhere (including Sweden) it is usually identified as a classic massage. Swedish Massage is due to the Swedish physician and physiotherapist Pehr Henrik Link (1776-1839) who is credited with the first systematization of massage techniques within a method. Generally it is performed on the whole body, with fairly free maneuvers between them with non-rigid sequences, it can also be performed on single body parts. It is considered decontracting, relaxing, invigorating and draining. It also acts on the hemolymphatic circulation and is useful in the prevention of fat and cellulite. It is performed with massage oil and generally on a bed.

What is the meaning of Life?




A”big question” is the only way to respond to that. We are all put here on earth with a unique genetic potential or ability, and then we develop skills, traits and values based on our environment and those we surround ourselves with. Some of us have the privilege to choose our environment, and some of us do not.





Why I started L4S Coaching

“Live4EverStrong; develops and delivers complete bespoke personalised training, health, food and lifestyle packages for each client. Each package is tailored around your schedule, goals, locations and travel. I collaborate with leading dietitians, doctors, and conduct in-depth analysis on every client, possibly even hormone tests, DNA screening, computerised postural analysis. This ensures that my services are the most precise, efficient and effective in the industry.

Services for each client are completely customised, from the Fortune 100 CEO looking to enhance mental performance at work, the fashion model looking for a particular physical look for a shoot, on a specific date, the entrepreneur wanting to get a karate black-belt in 1 year, through to those who simply want to look like cover models or a particular actor/actress, or housewife who would like to get into that favorite pair of jeans again. I will put together a complete fitness, nutrition and health package to make this happen for you with maximum convenience and minimal interruption to your life.

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